Ours transparency declaration

In accordance with the commitment of the Initiative Transparent Civil Society

Regarding the self-commitment declaration of Human Dreams e.V.

1. Name, registered office, address, and year of establishment

Regarding the self-commitment declaration of Human Dreams e.V.

Established in 2010
Contact person: Nicole Mtawa

2. Complete articles of association and information about the goals of our organization

Regarding the articles of association

General information about the goals:
The aim of the association is to establish and maintain children’s care homes, children’s villages, and rehabilitation centers for children who require full care due to illness, disability, abuse, or adverse life circumstances. Our projects are located in Tanzania, Namibia, and India, where there is still a prevalent lack of adequate care for children with complex needs in regular orphanages or due to poverty. Through comprehensive medical care and dedicated staff, we provide rehabilitation for the children in our children’s villages. Depending on their recovery and rehabilitation progress, suitable life perspectives are offered to each child. The children we care for had no access to therapies or medical treatment before coming to us. These children are unable to help themselves and are therefore in urgent need of our assistance.

3. Information about tax benefits

Our work is recognized as promoting youth welfare according to the exemption certificate or the appendix to the corporate tax assessment of the tax office Schwäbisch Gmünd (tax number 83085/57119) dated 29.10.2020 for the last assessment period of 2017-2019. As a result, we are exempt from corporate tax under § 5 para. 1 no. 9 of the Corporate Tax Act and from trade tax under § 3 no. 6 of the Trade Tax Act.

4. Names and functions of key decision-makers

Nicole Mtawa, Chairwoman
Anne Look, Vice Chairwoman

5. Activity Report

Regarding the annual report
Regarding the newsletters

6. Personnel Structure

No employees in Germany
Tanzania: 46 local employees (including 2 project managers)
India: 7 local employees (including 1 children’s home supervisor)
Namibia: 1 project coordinator

7. Information about the source of funds

Regarding the annual report

8. Information about the use of funds

9. Legal affiliation with third parties

Human Dreams e.V. collaborates with the following subsidiary organizations abroad: Human Dreams Schweiz, Human Dreams Charity (Namibia), Human Dreams Charity (Tanzania). Annual audits are conducted by recognized accountants in accordance with the specific laws of each country.

10. Names of legal entities whose annual payments account for more than 10% of the total annual budget

Bild hilft e.V., “Ein Herz für Kinder”; €50,400 (16.12.2021)
Bild hilft e.V., “Ein Herz für Kinder”; €69,600 (30.04.2020)
Bild hilft e.V., “Ein Herz für Kinder”; €44,800 (18.09.2019)
Zukunft für Kinder in Afrika; €25,000 (13.11.2019)
Agnes Philippine Walter Foundation; €24,325 (28.04.2019)