Animal-assisted therapy center

for Special Needs Children in Namibia

In 2020, we established an animal-assisted therapy center in Windhoek, Namibia for children with physical and mental disabilities. The center houses up to 25 children from slum areas and provides special education, rehabilitation, and sensory stimulation. In addition to physiotherapy, animal-assisted therapy plays an important role in their daily routine, allowing children to improve their movement skills and senses. The therapy center not only helps these children to have a new life, but also supports employment and offers a self-determined and secure life for destitute women.


Founded in 2020

The story

While further expansion is still ongoing, we have already opened our doors. In total we will have a capacity of assisting twenty-five children with physical and mental challenges. The children in our care are from the slums and are completely dependent in terms of their mobility and activities. They are taken by special school buses from Katutura, Windhoek, to our Therapy Center, which is located 15 km away, and brought back home when the day is over.

Staff and Facilities

Through our dedicated staff consisting of caregivers, special educators, therapists and assistants our children receive professional rehabilitation care. When the last buildings are finished, our day care center will consist of four children’s houses, a rehabilitation center and classrooms for special education and sensory stimulation. A solar-heated swimming pool does not only provide the necessary cooling, but is also used for hydrotherapy sessions. On a later stage additional fun shall be provided by a 100-meter-long summer bobsled.

Animal-Assisted Therapy

We must not forget the part dedicated to animals! On our farm there is a petting zoo where children can find specially trained miniature horses, alpacas, donkeys, dwarf goats, rabbits, tortoises and more. In addition to physiotherapy and special education, animal-assisted therapy methods play an important role in the children’s daily routine. Contact with animals allows children to improve their movement skills, their senses in a variety of ways, and even their heart beats faster!

Positive Impact

The therapy center is a quiet and peaceful place for these children, where they can gain strength, expand their abilities, and experience a very positive development. They are lovingly cared for in houses with a family atmosphere, while their parents can pursue a carefree occupation to secure their livelihood. Our therapy center not only helps severely handicapped children to have a new life but also supports employment, particularly for destitute women. By opening the therapy center, we were able to offer jobs to skilled and unskilled staff and provide health and social insurance for them and their families.

Children’s Success Stories


Bravismore’s transformation has been nothing short of remarkable. At first glance, he appeared disengaged, giving the impression of being disconnected from his surroundings. How wrong we were! We soon discovered the depth of his potential. With each passing day, Bravismore’s radiant smile brightens our hearts, especially during his interactions with our beloved animals. His mother, too, is astonished by his positive growth. Bravismore has truly found his place in life, embracing newfound joy and embracing every moment with boundless enthusiasm.

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