A future for children with special needs

Children all skin and bones, locked up and left alone – this is still the reality of so many children with disabilities. Human Dreams is a non-profit organization which is dedicated to provide comprehensive care for children in need. Children with disabilities are often abandoned and end up in crowded and not suitable orphanages. Mothers are struggling to provide proper care for their children as they are trapped in the vicious circle of poverty. For such children Human Dreams sets up special homes and day care rehabilitation centers in Tanzania, Namibia and India.
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Hi, I’m Nicole Mtawa, founder of Human Dreams.

When I visited as a student for the first time Tanzania and India I decided to dedicate my life to children who are suffering. After the publication of my first memoir the positive reactions lead to the foundation of the non-profit organization Human Dreams in Germany. With my daughter Julie I am living in Windhoek where currently our newest dream of an animal-assisted therapy center is becoming a beautiful reality for challenged children in Namibia.

Rehabilitation and Comprehensive Care: We want to see children happy again!

Through our Human Dreams centers we want to provide access to quality care for children in need. They shall be able to experience joy and happiness through our comprehensive approach that focuses on both physical rehabilitation and emotioanl well-being.


In Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, we have built two beautiful children’s villages next to each: An orphanage and a Day Care Rehabilitation Center for children with special needs.
Animal Assisted Therapy Center in Namibia


In Windhoek, Namibia, we have recently opened an animal-assisted therapy center for children with special needs.


In our little children’s home in Delhi, India, our children have already grown up to young students with lots of hope for a much better future.

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Your donation will have a positive impact on the lives of children in need.
Together with you we will be able to provide food, medical care, therapies and special education to those who cannot help themselves.
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Join Nicole and her daughter Julie as they embark on a series of adventurous journeys across Europe to raise funds for the projects of Human Dreams.

What our supporters say about us

Read what others have to say about Human Dreams and the impact we are making. Leave your own message in our guestbook to add your voice to the conversation.

….My heart was touched by the incredible work Human Dreams is doing for those kids. They have provided a beautiful, safe and loving home for them with care givers, nurses and physiotherapists to care for them.

Diana (via workaway.info)
The richest experience I could have in my entire life so far. I am so grateful, spent these days in the village with the amazing children and a wonderful team. It’s so impressive to see how the village works pretty well, everyone helps each other.

Felipe (via workaway.info)
His place, the community and the work which is done here is absolutely amazing and makes it a very special experience for me and all the kids who have the privilege to find a home there, (even tho it’s always dramatic/ horrible circumstances that brings them there). But it most definitely is a home.

Neele (via workaway.info)

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