An orphanage and a day care center to help disabled children and their mothers in Tanzania

Human Dreams operates two facilities in Tanzania: an Orphanage for Children with Disabilities and a Day Care Rehabilitation Center. The Children’s Village provides lifelong care and educational support for up to thirty orphans with physical and mental disabilities, while the Day Care Center offers specialized education, therapy, and medical care to up to 50 children with disabilities whose single mothers can’t provide full-time care.

These facilities provide an essential service to children in need and their families, giving them a chance for a better future.


Founded in 2015

The story

In 2015 we opened a special children’s village in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania to provide comprehensive care for up to thirty orphans with special needs. This decision was made due to the high number of children living in deprived conditions, where poverty, superstition, and false understanding contribute to their worsening living conditions.

This is the case of little Nasra, 4 years old, which particularly touched us. After her mother died, she was placed in the care of her aunt, who kept her in a box for two years, where she endured broken limbs and breathing problems. Nasra eventually died at the National Hospital due to lack of specialized care and unaccustomed contact with the outside world.

Creating a Safe Haven for Orphans

To ensure that no more children suffer like Nasra, we established a children’s village with five houses, a canteen, staff and volunteer housing, a playground, and other buildings. The village also includes a well-equipped rehabilitation center with a therapy room, special classroom, and medical rooms, providing lifelong care and educational support to up to thirty disabled orphans.

Creating Positive Impact in the Local Community

Our intervention with the children has had a positive impact on the local community, providing employment and economic support to over thirty Tanzanians who work at the orphanage and receive social security and healthcare coverage for themselves and their families. In addition, a water pipeline installed for the village provides water to several neighbors, which is a valuable resource in Africa.


Founded in 2020

The story

Five years after the establishment of the Orphanage for children with disabilities, in 2020, we created a Day Care Rehabilitation Center for children in need of care with single mothers.

Caring for Children with special needs and their single mothers

about disabled children but also about their mothers. Many women with disabled children are single mothers, abandoned by their husbands and left in precarious conditions. As you can imagine, a disabled child requires a lot of care, and in the absence of someone who can take care of them, single moms cannot work. This leaves mother and child in a severe state of destitution, both forced to rely on outside help, if any. So we opened a center where we could take care of the disabled children to allow the mothers not give up their jobs.

Location and Services of the Day Care Center

The center is located in Dar es Salaam, next to our village for orphaned children. With this center we can provide special education, therapy and medical support from morning to the afternoon for up to 50 children with disabilities. With specialized staff and volunteers, we care for children in an atmosphere of love and family. The Day Care Center is currently operating with three children houses whereas five others are already finished. The service we offer is free of charge and allows us to invest in improving the status of women.

Single mothers, confident that their children are in good hands, can devote themselves to their work and earn a living. They will then be able to improve the financial condition of themselves and their children.

Children’s success stories


When Feisal first arrived at our doorstep, he was a mere shadow of a child, frail and malnourished. He consisted only of skin and bones. It was evident that he had been neglected, with his plump mother seemingly depriving him of the nourishment he desperately needed — probably with the aim of letting Feisal starve to death due to his disability. However, with our dedicated care and love, Feisal began to flourish. Within a very short time his once emaciated frame filled out, and a radiant smile emerged on his face.


Abandoned because of his disability, Bahati found his way to us through the compassionate efforts of the social welfare office. Since joining our children’s village, Bahati has become a source of joy and inspiration. With dedicated practice and unwavering support, he achieved a remarkable milestone – becoming the first child in our village to walk on his own! Now, Bahati’s infectious energy fills every corner as he joyfully explores the village, accompanied by his adoring home brother Imani. Moreover, he is thriving in an English-speaking preschool nearby, embarking on a journey of learning and growth.


Little Idrissa’s journey started with a challenging beginning. Born prematurely, he faced difficulties with feeding and was severely underweight. His mother, who was battling tuberculosis, reached out to us for assistance. As we provided the necessary care and support, Idrissa began to thrive. We are thrilled to share that Idrissa and his mother will soon join one of our children’s houses at the day care center. We are proud to offer his mother employment as a nursing assistant, ensuring a brighter future for both of them.

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